Hurley McKenna & Mertz

Identity + Web

Launch Site

Hurley McKenna & Mertz is a partnership of trial lawyers dedicated to fighting for the rights of ordinary people who have suffered serious personal injuries due to negligence. More than amazing advocates for their clients, they fight for justice and changes in the law to protect us all.

We created a very strong logo that shows off their tough, formidable side with the heavy block letters, speaks to their teamwork by having the letters conjoined, and uses the ampersand protectively nestled between the letters to represent HM&M clients who feel completely protected and cared for by the firm.

HM&M attorneys always put their clients first so we knew that the website needed to as well. From the homepage to the subpages, the website highlights the very moving stories of people that HM&M has represented. In terms of user experience, our goal was to make the site as friendly and accessible as the firm. Potential clients get the information they need in a very friendly, non-intimidating way with a number of photos and videos of the attorneys.