Hurley McKenna & Mertz – New Identity and Responsive Website Launch

Hurley McKenna & Mertz (HM&M) is a law firm that represents clients who have been hurt due to medical negligence and other serious personal injuries. They believe that “every case where the victim gets justice makes the world a safer place by encouraging safe designs and practices.” We first met Chris Hurley through our friends at Sprout Films and we were instantly impressed with his firm’s commitment to helping those who have been wronged stand up for their rights against any adversary.

We approached our work with HM&M by showing the two impressive sides of the firm. They are strong and fierce attorneys who are willing to take every case to trial. And they are also honest, compassionate and true advocates for their clients. Our goal from the beginning was to bring these two seemingly oppositional characteristics together in a visual way that really captured the essence of this amazing and inspirational firm.

We started by creating an identity system that started with the logo and branched out into a complete design language. We created a very strong logo that shows off their tough, formidable side with the heavy block letters, speaks to their teamwork by having the letters conjoined, and uses the ampersand protectively nestled between the letters to represent HM&M clients who feel completely protected and cared for by the firm.  We chose the bold, strong, professional, yet calming shade of blue to round out the graphic identity.

For the website, we needed to give HM&M a way to show off their vast amount of knowledge and examples of their work in a way that would not overwhelm the user.  We highlighted the amazing videos by Sprout Films as they do such a great job of telling the unique story of HM&M. From client stories to videos about the attorneys themselves, the dedication and caring of everyone at HM&M really shines through. The site itself is clean, user-friendly and full of pertinent information. We chose backdrops of Chicago where the firm is located to give a sense of place and lots of photos and relevant personal stories from each team member to allow the site to be as inviting and accessible as the firm is to new clients. The site also uses responsive design so that it works on all platforms including mobile.  We are very proud of our work for HM&M and very grateful for the great work that they do.  Please visit their site at